Why International Businesses Need 1800 Numbers


Growth is what every business aspires for, but for most, it doesn’t come cheap. Casting your net wider to gain customers from other parts of the globe is a big challenge even for known brands. Thanks to new technology, this is now an easier task even for SMEs. So how can you mirror your domestic success while sticking to your budget? With the help of international 1800 numbers, you can gain a world-wide presence for a low cost.

Save on expansion costs

Despite a growing demand from customers in other countries, the reality of opening a new branch in another country may not be within your budget. Your 1800 numbers can be configured to answer incoming calls originating from overseas here at your Australia office. You may also get an 1800 number that can answer incoming calls from Australia at your overseas sites.

Provide value to your market

Inbound numbers are a great way to get potential clients to call you. This type of virtual number gives you the image of stability. Having them is also known as a sign of being a professional and legitimate business. Your number shows your ability to do business on a local, national, and global scale.

Enjoy the same flexibility

During expansion, you should think of tools that are going to evolve with you over time. Routing schemes remain flexible with your 1800 numbers. They may be set to ring to Australian answer points, or phone numbers abroad. To make the most out of your number, choose an 1800 number provider that has a wide range of answer points across the globe you can choose from.

Pair with other services

Your 1800 numbers also work well with other virtual services. Being located in disparate time zones should not stop you from giving round the clock service to your callers. So how do you make your Australian clients happy when you’re overseas? Your best option is to get an Australian based live answering service. Choose a live phone answering service that has professional operators to take messages for you when you can’t pick up the phone. They are trained to answer in your business name, and collect caller info. These messages will then be sent to you via email and SMS at once.

Go with a tailor fit service for you

The benefits of 1800 numbers far outweigh its costs. To make the most out of this tool, work with a telco that can create a customised solution for you. If you’re ready to take on the world, give us at 1800 Numbers Australia a call at 1800 900 991 for local enquiries. You may also call +61 (3) 8513 1800 or send us an email for international enquiries.