Why Every Small Business Needs an 1800 Number (and You Do Too!)


Free call or 1800 numbers are typically associated with big, well-known businesses. In fact, it’s recognised around the world as a sign of legitimate business. For a startup run from a home office, that kind of trust isn’t easily built. An 1800 number says that you are big enough, able to cater to a national market. It also says you care enough about customers to offer free calls. In fact there is a long list of reasons why every small business needs an 1800 number. Here are some you can enjoy, without costing you an arm and a leg.

No tech requirements

Let’s admit it, not every person can be considered as tech savvy – and that’s okay. It’s enough that you’re good at what you do, and your telco should take care of your communications solution. A free call number is a great example of a useful yet extremely hassle-free service you should have. Being a virtual number, your 1800 number doesn’t require special hardware or complicated installation. Your designated answer points, whether landline or mobile, don’t have to be changed in any way to receive calls. The ability to call out and receive calls aren’t affected at all by the 1800 number.

More than just an 1800 number

Yes—your 1800 number is more than just a way to connect calls from your customers to your business. These are powerful marketing tools. With 1800 smartnumbers, you can spell out your business name, products, or services as your number. That’s instant recall for a highly distracted market! Your inbound numbers also come with free reporting tools that keep you updated about the effectiveness of your marketing campaign. Simply use different 1800 numbers for your campaigns and check your web portal for your call data. The include time and day of calls, volume, call origin, etc. All of these are vital to making informed business decisions related to staff, scheduling, expansion, and the need for other services like a live phone answering service.


Need to move or open another branch? Unlike landline numbers, free call numbers aren’t tied to a local exchange. This means you never have to change your number for the entire life of your business—even if you move! Enjoy no down times, just route calls to your mobile during the move and to your new landline once you’ve settled at your new location. Easy as that!

Highly customisable

This is a big thing, especially for entrepreneurs & tradies that work on the road. You lose business if no one picks up while you’re onsite or in a meeting. Using your mobile as your business number can also discourage customers to call because of mobile call charges. An 1800 number allows you to get calls wherever you are while still giving free calls to your customers. You may choose from several routing options based on time, location, or availability. There’s no limit to what you can do, mix them up to see which works best for your business. Better yet, talk to us today by by clicking Chat Now or calling us at 1800 900 991, and we’ll create the right solution for you.