What’s Free About 1800 Numbers?


Whether it’s on a billboard, a flyer, a website, or on the side of the van, everyone has had at least one encounter with an 1800 number. While most people refer to them as free call numbers, I’m sure you’ve asked yourself at one point, ‘Are 1800 numbers really free?’ To answer that question, we must first take a look at what it is and what it can do for your business.

1800 Numbers are Free Call Numbers

Similar to 13 and 1300 numbers, 1800 numbers are virtual inbound numbers. Because it’s virtual, there is no need to install lines. You also don’t need any kind of new hardware for this service. These numbers receive calls and point them to your answer point. This could be your mobile, home phone, or live answering service. 1800 numbers do not interfere with the use of your answer points. This means you can still make and receive calls using your existing numbers. The best part—you will never have to change your business phone number.

High Recall ‘Toll Free’ Numbers

So what makes these numbers different from normal local numbers? First off, it provides the image of a big and professional company. Another thing about it is that they are highly memorable. This makes them perfect for marketing your business. You may either choose from a pool of available numbers, or opt for higher recall ability by purchasing smart numbers. You may choose from either patterned or numbers that spell out words. Your 1800 number practically acts as your product’s ad!

Customisable and Flexible Numbers

If anyone asks what the most important thing about inbound numbers is, hands down, it would be its flexibility when it comes to routing options. A single 1800 phone number can be pointed to several answer points. This could all depend on the caller origin, time and day of week, or availability of the number it is pointed to. It can also be paired up with other compatible services like live answering, call recording, business intro, and call forwarding & IVR menus.

Are 1800 Numbers Free?

So are 1800 numbers free? Calls to 1800 numbers are FREE of charge from any fixed line. Recently, consumer groups have succeeded in campaigning for mobile providers to stop charging for these calls. Today, calls to 1800 numbers from mobiles are free at a majority of mobile carriers. The government and consumer groups are positive that more, if not all providers will soon follow in making calls from mobile phones free. You can easily attract customers from all over the country by saving them from long distance costs. This is perfect for businesses that require constant communication with their customers. You don’t want to spend an hour on the phone with your customer troubleshooting an issue and make them pay for the call, would you? So is providing free calls to customers worth the cost of 1800 numbers? The small monthly cost far outweighs the added business you will be getting. The goal is to make it easier for your market to get in touch with you. To know more about how 1800 numbers work for your business, chat with our specialists at 1800 Numbers Australia by clicking below.