Toll Free Business Number Features That Keep Your Business Competitive


Toll free business numbers are a long way from becoming obsolete. Like newspapers, radio, and fax; 1800 numbers remain to be a popular choice among businesses big and small. Nothing compares when it comes to filling the need for on-demand service. After all, what can resolve an issue faster than making a phone call to the person with information you need? Before we talk about how to get a 1-800 number for your business, let’s take a closer look at what 1800 features will set your business apart.

1800 numbers are portable

Switching numbers is a nightmare. Nothing is more tedious that having to tell people about your new number. So much more if you use the same number for your business. You’d have to reach out to each of your customers, update your website, and print new marketing materials just to keep everyone in the loop. It’ll be a miracle for you not to miss any of your important contacts. For startups and small businesses, losing clients when you change numbers is inevitable. Toll free business phone numbers saves you the trouble of going through all this simply because they are completely portable. Unlike regular landlines, 1800 numbers are non-geographic virtual numbers. These do not require wires to be connected to a local exchange, allowing you to use the number in any state and region. Your number is yours for the entire life of your business, and you can use it anywhere in Australia.

Free call numbers are scalable

Thanks to technology, the way we do business has completely changed. Years ago, expansion meant having a physical office in a new location you want to do business in. Today, you can extend your reach to a larger market even in the comfort of a home office. 1800 toll free numbers are widely recognised as business numbers. Aside from making your business appear more professional, it also establishes that you are big enough to cater to the needs of a national market. You can add more sites and staff without switching numbers. You can use the same number between sites. Multiple employees can also be reached using a single number. An IVR prompt menu can be used with your 1800 number so that callers can direct their own calls to the person or department they need.

Enjoy work flexibility

What makes 1800 free call numbers stand out from mobile and landline numbers is the flexibility that advanced routing options provide. You are free to design how your calls flow and which phones ring at different times of the day. These virtual numbers can help you capture more leads through conditional call routing configurations that redirects calls to multiple answer points until it is answered. You don’t have to be tied down to your desk to conduct your business. Feel free to run errands or go on lunch meetings without fear of losing out on business opportunities.

Work on a startup budget

So how much are toll free numbers going to cost your business? The entire cost of calls to 1800 numbers are shouldered by the account holder. Aside from calls dialed from fixed lines, calls to toll free numbers from mobile phones are now free. This way, callers from all over the country can reach you without fear of long distance costs. Aside from a monthly service fee, each call is billed at a rate determined by your selected plan. More than just a toll free business number, your service comes with access to reporting tools. Other businesses pay for this kind of customer information, while you get this data collected for free. You can tie up your call analytics with your CRM tools and use these reports to make better, scheduling, scripting, staffing, and marketing decisions. At this point you’ll be asking, ‘Where’s the part about how to get a 1 800 number for my business?’ You can get one by giving our friendly consultants a call at 1800 900 991 or by visiting our official website at www.1800numbersaustralia.com.au.