Steps in Getting Your 1800 Number


By now, we now know that 1800 numbers are a great way to boost your business and add convenience for customers that are trying to get in touch with you. And since you’ve decided that 1800 numbers are just the thing for your business – it’s now time for you to choose. But what are the steps to getting your 1800 number?

Decide on what your 1800 number would be

  • A good idea is to get those numbers that would be easy to remember, provides some sort of rhythm, numbers that repeat (2-2-2-2) or can be used to spell out your business or service name for that instant recall.
  • We check the ACMA’s pool of premium numbers daily and select those that may be appealing to our clients, to make it easier for you. You may purchase Smartnumbers—phone words and patterened numbers for $250 and up.
  • Once you’ve purchased your desired number/s, you are all set – all you need to do is go to an 1800 number provider to set up the whole thing for you
  • You can immediately check with your provider for a list of available 1800 numbers that are to your liking by applying. We have a list of available 1800 numbers which include premium 1800 numbers that offer a once-off fee ranging from $0 to $99.
  • Determine what fees are to be charged or what packages work for you. Charges may include monthly and/or per-minute charging.

Finalise Set Up

  • Once you have your 1800 number, you can start making your number work for you. This can be done by deciding on your number’s routing scheme. These routing options can be state based (calls from landlines are routed based on caller’s location) or time based (where you can route your calls to various answerpoints depending on the time of day) to regional based or even zone based routing just to name a few. Bonus: You can even have those pesky nuisance callers barred, or bar calls from areas you don’t service.
Now that you know that getting your 1800 number is quick and easy, don’t forget to call your friendly, reliable and trusted provider – call us here at 1800 Numbers Australia. We’re here to help.