1800 number setup in a snap.

How to set up an 1800 number.

Whether you're looking to start with a new 1800 number or transfer an existing one, setup is extremely simple. There's no special equipment or software required. All you need is a landline or mobile to answer your incoming calls. You can have a new toll-free inbound number ready for use in as little as one business day—without any disruption to your business.

There are three main things to consider in setting up your 1800 number: your answerpoints, your call routing options and any compatible communication services you'll be using with it.

Choose your preferred answerpoint
1800 mobile answerpoint1800 mobile answerpoint
1800 landline answerpoint1800 landline answerpoint
Customise your inbound number with routing options
simple routingsimple routing
Simple routing
time and day based routingtime and day based routing
Time and day-based routing
state-based routingstate-based routing
State-based routing
Add extra features for better call management
live answeringlive answering
Live answering
Voice2Email serviceVoice2Email service
Voice2Email service
professional recordingprofessional recording
Professional recording


To set up an 1800 number, you need at least one answerpoint, which can be a landline or mobile phone.

Many businesses use multiple answerpoints for different routing options (explained further below): for example, you could have calls during office hours go to your office phone, while those after hours go to your mobile.

Even with just one answerpoint, however, an 1800 number provides you more flexibility. A startup or sole proprietor, for example, can make their business seem more established with an 1800 number and gain more control over whom they give their personal number to.

answerpoint icon location icon location icon location icon
answerpoint icon
call routing call routing call routing call routing call routing call routing call routing

Call routing

You can route calls to different answerpoints based on the time of the call or the caller’s location. One common call routing setup is to have one answerpoint for business hours and another answerpoint for after-hours, weekends and holidays. Businesses with branches in different areas, regions or states, meanwhile, can use location-based routing to connect callers with the right branch office.

call routing

Compatible services

1800 numbers are compatible with a range of other business communication solutions. Interactive voice response (IVR) menus, live answering services, and voice- or fax-to-email services can all be used in tandem with an 1800 number.

1800 Numbers Australia also provides an all-in Premium plan, which includes several advanced features in a competitively priced bundle.

compatible services

Can I set up an 1800 number if I don’t have a business?

Our 1800 number setup process requires you to have a registered Australian Business Number (ABN) or Australian Company number (ACN).

Since 1800 Numbers Australia began supporting Australian businesses as a specialist telco, we’ve taken great care to have our clients comply with requirements and best practices to ensure they get the most out of their inbound numbers.

How long does it take to set up an 1800 number?

Setup time for an 1800 number depends on how you’re getting it. The simplest and fastest way is to get one from our pool of available numbers, which includes free numbers available for selection. If you choose to purchase a number from ACMA, setup will take longer.

Select an 1800 number from our available numbers list:

1 to 2 business days to active

Purchase a  smartnumber  through ACMA:

3 to 5 business days to activate

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