Save and Make Money with 1800 Numbers


Unlike what some people are saying, 1800 numbers are far from being obsolete. Like fax, it still thrives in today’s modern world because of its undeniable functionality. To prove this point, we’ve listed down a couple of ways you can save and make money by having 1800 numbers for your business.

Unify your branding strategy

Make your business name your phone number and domain name as well. You can do this by choosing inbound numbers that are also phone words. These are numbers that spell out the corresponding numbers on a phone keypad. 1800 Smartnumbers make it extremely easy for your customers to remember you. Purchase the enhanced rights of use of your preferred number from the ACMA website and get a domain in the same name to make it easier for your potential and existing clients to reach you.

No downtime

Ever tried moving legacy technology? Not a very pretty sight. Changing locations, especially in this increasingly mobile world is inevitable. So how do you create a phone solution that’s both feature packed but highly mobile? Go for virtual services like an inbound number. Owning the number allows you to keep it for the life of your business. Since it’s not tied to a local exchange, you can take it with you if you move buildings, cities, or state. Route calls to your mobile while you move, and use your business number as your main answer point when you settle in to your new location. You even have the option to transfer your service to another 1800 carrier.

Highly flexible for all types of businesses

Free call numbers are great for any kind of business. Sole tradies can forward calls to a live answering service while on house calls or client meetings. Medical professionals can provide a free channel for patients with emergencies or other urgent concerns. Mobile workers can receive calls on a professional business number whenever, wherever. There’s an endless list of options when it comes to using 1800 numbers for business. This also extends to the kind of routing schemes you can set up. Choose to base it on time, location, or availability. Add on other services to maximise your 1800 number like business intro or even IVR menus.

Capture a national market

While some people prefer small local businesses for their needs, others prefer the credibility that comes with big brand names. An 1800 number gives you the same level of competence that the world ties with having a national number. Show people that you are capable of catering to more than one area and are able to provide value for your customer’s money. Who wouldn’t want that for their start-up?

Customers like the word FREE

I have yet to find a person who hates the word FREE. People love getting bonuses and extra services. The idea of giving them something for free is enough to put you on their good side. Having an 1800 number says a lot about the weight that you give to being accessible and showing excellent customer service. Offering free calls has the same effect on your business. They feel more at ease reaching out with any questions or concerns because they’re not thinking about how much their call would cost. The amount you invest on getting an 1800 number for your business is small compared to the amount of sales leads you’d get with an inbound number. If you’re ready to start saving and making money, don’t hesitate to call 1800 Numbers Australia at 1800 900 991 or click Chat Now below.