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How to transfer an 1800 number.

If you’re already using an 1800 number, you can transfer your inbound number service to us without any interruptions. To do so, you can either contact us or use the online sign-up form and choose “Transfer existing 1800 number” when the option comes up. We’ll take it from there.

If you have an 1800 number but haven’t activated it yet, simply contact us and let us know which plan you want to subscribe to. We can have your number up and running within 24 hours.

What happens to my 1800 number during the porting process?

When you contact us to transfer your 1800 number service, we will process your account information and approach your current telco to request a port-away. While your current telco readies your number for release, we’ll set your account up in our system. Once your current carrier is done preparing your number, we activate it on our platform—and your number is officially ported.

The entire process takes five to seven days in most cases. Until your number is ready for porting and transferred to our platform, it should remain active with your current telco. There should be no disruptions to your 1800 number throughout the porting process.

What do I need to port my 1800 number?

All you’ll need are some points of information, all of which should be available on your most recent telco bill.

These are:

Your 1800 number

Name of your current telco carrier

Name of your 1800 number account

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