Market Your Brand with 1800 Numbers


Some time ago, we’ve mentioned why getting an 1800 number for your business is a great idea. It really is! No seriously, it’s a great investment. How so?

A very brief history…

When 1800 numbers were first introduced decades ago, its main objective was to become a cost-free medium in connecting people with businesses and organisations. So that was that…or so everyone thought.


Despite the technological revolution – smart phones, the internet –free call number or 1800 numbers are still alive and kicking today as they do more than provide basic free-calling services to the masses. Who knew that 1800 numbers can be such an effective marketing tool to have handy.

To market! To market!

A free call number as a marketing tool you say? Yes, a very great one too! So how?

First and foremost, setting up an 1800 number means that you care about your existing and potential customers. This move shows that you want to engage them by making it easy and convenient for them to reach you.

An 1800 number can also help elevate your brand. You can personalise these numbers to reflect or represent what your product or service is. You can also get creative for it to bear a catchy slogan or tagline to reflect your brand. This lends exposure to your brand (exposure without breaking the bank) and easy recall. Picture this: Emblazoned across your truck or ad is a random phone number. Even if your trucks goes around the city every day or the ads run countless times per day, how many people do you think would immediately recall your number? Maybe a good number? Let’s hope.

But if you had 1800 numbers instead, that number of people who will easily recall your number will be more than double, making your brand memorable.

Besides, what better form of advertising than word of mouth, eh?

Your brand will also have a sense of legitimacy – conveying comfort, trust, and confidence. This gives your brand a snazzy yet professional image. Having the right image draws in potential clients and helps retain existing ones. Studies have shown that more people will be inclined to call 1800 numbers instead of some random number – this rings true especially for the older generation. Big businesses use it, so why don’t you too?

So before you think that free calls numbers are becoming a thing of the past, think again of what good things they can do for your business. Make it a part of your branding and marketing strategy and see your numbers soar!