Take full control of your 1800 number.

Managing an 1800 number.

A big part of the appeal of 1800 phone numbers is how they streamline call management so businesses can focus on major tasks. At 1800 Numbers Australia, we strive to bring the same efficiency to our inbound number management systems.

All 1800 Numbers Australia customers have access to our online portal. This web-accessible platform provides a quick, simple way to view call records, view and update account details and settle payments. You can also use the portal to log support requests for more complex processes, like managing answerpoints.

What can I do through the online portal?

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View call reports

View account statement

Pay bills

Update payment and account details

Request service changes

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Make informed decisions with call data.

It’s hard to manage your phone numbers when you don’t have the full picture. To help you make informed decisions, our online portal includes inbound call data. This includes data on individual calls—when they were made and where from—as well as trends, such as your number’s busiest days or times of day.

You can find this information on graphs on the portal dashboard. We’ll also send consolidated inbound call reports every month.

Simple online payment methods.

All customer accounts are paid by automated monthly direct debit. If you’d prefer to pay before your scheduled direct debit date, simply log into your customer portal and make a payment online.

Changes to your direct debit or payment details can also be made through the self-service customer portal.

If you encounter difficulties paying your account, contact us at 1800 900 991 to make a payment arrangement and view our Financial Hardship Policy for further information.

Informed, efficient inbound number management.

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