How to Set Up an IVR Menu for 1800 Numbers


Call forwarding IVR (Interactive Voice Response) menus are great for effectively managing your 1800 number call flow. This add-on increases service efficiency while reducing customer effort by cutting down wait times and wrong transfers. However, it may also alienate customers when it’s not done right. So how do you set up an effective IVR menu for 1800 numbers?

Categorise incoming 1800 number calls

The first step in designing your IVR menu is to identify who your callers are and the goals you want to achieve during the calls. Map out your customer’s journey for their perspective. Do you want them to maximise your self-service options or do you want them routed to a live person as quick as possible? Try to make a list of your customers’ needs and use that to categorise your incoming calls.

Keep it short and simple

Make calling your 1800 number a seamless experience for your customers. Limit your menu options to up to 3 levels. It shouldn’t take more than 30 seconds to navigate your menu. Any more than this and you risk exceeding the caller’s capacity for short term memory. Studies show that customers are more than happy to stay in self-service as long as the IVR works well. Don’t forget to provide an opt-out for concerns that don’t fall under any of your menu options. Instead, give callers the ability to skip the menu and make it easy to reach a real person.

Mind your language

Be polite but don’t overdo it. You don’t have to thank the user after every action, but don’t forget to thank them if they’ve been on hold for some time. Don’t overuse the ‘All lines are busy at the moment’ message. Save it only for times when you’re busier than normal. Make it a point to reinforce the same brand of customer service you promote in face to face interactions. Avoid offering excessive guidance and rephrase options instead of repeating the same instruction when errors occur. Don’t make the customer provide the same information they’ve already put into the system after being transferred to a live agent. Never direct your callers to your website or social media accounts. Chances are, they’ve already tried those channels and needed more information which is why they are calling.

Testing and feedback

Get someone who doesn’t know your business to test your call forwarding menu. Review your menus in regular intervals throughout the year. Switch things up if you notice your abandoned calls increasing or update it as seasons change. Always hire a voice professional to record and update your menu. The voice you choose must be able to use a subtle variety of tones to sound polite and firm at the same time. Getting a professional IVR service for your 1800 number ensures that all callers get the best customer experience over the phone. To learn more about how this add-on can boost your 1800 numbers, call us at 1800 900 991 or click Chat Now below.