How to Choose the Best 1800 Number Routing Option


The most convenient part of having an 1800 Number is having the ability to customise a routing option that fits your business needs. However, there are several options that may seem daunting for someone who has never used more than the typical one answer-point setup. To help you maximise this great feature, here are 4 questions you should ask yourself to make configuring your 1800 number routing option a piece of cake.

Where are your calls coming from?

Find out which states most of your business is coming from. Free reporting tools that come with inbound numbers lets users know the volume of calls coming from each area, so you can determine if origin-dependent routing is for you. This simply means, the call will be forwarded to the site nearest to the caller—perfect for small to large enterprises with more than one location.

What do your customers use to call you?

Another thing that you should consider is the type of device your customers use to call you. Calls made from a mobile to your 1800 number, typically cannot be automatically routed depending on location. A better option for businesses that get a lot of mobile calls is postcode routing which allows the caller to input his current postcode or the postcode of where he needs the product/service and get connected to the nearest site.

Which hours do you need to route calls?

For businesses that only have one site, the most common type of routing is time based. Identify which hours you have the most calls and when it would be best to route it to another member of your team, especially when shifting schedules or while out doing house calls. Another option is to route calls to an after-hours phone answering service at the end of the workday or during holidays.

How will you divide calls amongst your staff?

Delegating is a skill every business owner must master. Call splaying allows you to distribute calls fairly among your staff. You can divide the volume of calls each person receives as long as the percentages add up to a hundred. You may also prefer a conditional 1800 number routing option wherein calls are forwarded whether the caller gets a busy line, no answer, or simply cannot connect to the initial answer point. This also works with your live answering service. Lastly, don’t be afraid to call your provider to discuss which 1800 number routing would work for your business. If you need any help, just ring us up at 1800 900 991 or click Chat Now to talk to one of our expert business consultants.