Get your business a number it can count on.

How to buy an 1800 number.

Getting an 1800 number for your business is simple.

Depending on the availability of the number you want, you could even have your new number all set up within a day!

Here's a quick overview of how it happens:

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Who owns an 1800 number?

The Australian government oversees the use of 1800 numbers through the Australian Communications and Media Authority (ACMA). In buying an 1800 number, your business secures the right to use that number. To retain your 1800 smartnumber, you must activate it within three years from date of purchase. If you do not activate your number, it will be returned to ACMA’s pool of numbers.

To use an 1800 number, you need to activate it through a telco that deals with inbound numbers. 1800 Numbers Australia has over a decade of experience providing toll-free numbers. We simplify the process of buying, activating and managing your 1800 number.

Choosing an 1800 number.

The first step to getting an 1800 number is choosing one. For some businesses, the specific number isn’t much of a priority, but for others, getting a certain set of digits is important for marketing or branding reasons.

If you’re looking for a particularly memorable number, you’d do well to get an 1800 smartnumber. Smartnumbers distinguish themselves through the use of patterns: either by repeating digits or, in the case of phonewords, by spelling out words when typed on a keypad.

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Choose from available 1800 numbers.

The quickest way to get an 1800 number up and running is to choose from our pool of readily-available numbers. You can choose a free number or, for a once-off fee, an easier-to-remember Gold or Platinum number.

When you choose from our pool of numbers, you retain that 1800 number for as long as you need it and continue to use it. You don’t pay any leasing fees and are not subject to any lock-in contracts for these numbers.

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Find a specific 1800 smartnumber.

You can get an 1800 number via direct purchase from our website or have us help you acquire one from ACMA. Prices for smartnumbers start at $250.

Purchase an 1800 number from ACMA by following these steps:

  1. Register and set up your account.
  2. Search through available 1800 numbers and add your preferred number to your cart.
  3. Review your order and checkout.
  4. Complete payment to gain rights of use to that number.
  5. Once you receive documentation for the purchase of your 1800 number, contact a trusted provider like 1800 Numbers Australia to get your service connected.
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What if the 1800 number I want is taken?

If the specific 1800 number you want to use is already owned by a third party, such as a phoneword company, you may be able to lease the number. Leasing a number, however, binds you to the terms and conditions of the contract, meaning you won't enjoy full control over that number. These terms can include monthly charges, lock-in periods and any other conditions the lessor might add.

Selecting a call plan and extra features.

Different call plans have different call rates, routing options, and other features. Basic plans start as low as $19 + GST per month, with basic routing options and monthly inbound call reports. Changing and customising plans is easy—so choose any plan that suits your business’s needs and rest assured that you can scale your 1800 number over time.

You can broaden your options further by combining an 1800 number with other compatible services. For example, you could use a voice prompt menu to manage incoming calls or get a live answering service to assist with overflow calls.

Manage your account.

Once you’ve chosen your number and plan, we’ll have you confirm your account and payment information—then you’re good to go!

Managing your account from there onward is easy: with our online portal, you can check your account statements, manage payment options, and monitor your inbound number all in one place.

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What if I don’t need my 1800 number anymore?

There’s nothing worse than paying for a service that you don’t need or sticking with a provider you can’t work with. At 1800 Numbers Australia, we believe in retaining customers through the quality of our service and the value that our inbound numbers provide—not through lock-in contracts.

If you want to cancel a service you’ve signed up for, simply give us 30 days’ written notice. Make sure you review the Critical Information Summary before setting up your 1800 number with us.

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