Get to Know 1800 Numbers and Make It Your Best Business Bud


Hello there! As a business owner, are you looking for practical yet effective ways to help drum up your business? 1800 numbers is one such solution. Aside from knowing that it’s toll-free, just what are 1800 numbers? Here’s a quick look at 1800 numbers.

A Very Brief History

1800 numbers are free call numbers. But back in the day before there was such a thing, customers could ring up a business by going through an operator. The call will could only be put through if the business that the customer was trying to reach would guarantee payment. The free call numbers were created to make an easy way for businesses to pay for the cost of a potential customer’s call – and it proved to be such a hit!

What Can 1800 Numbers Do

They say that the best things in life are free; for a business that allows free call, it encourages enquiries about its products and services. For a small business or a start-up, 1800 numbers provide that ‘big business’ look and feel – bigger and more professional. As with many instances, “professional = trust” – and trust is very important in a business relationship. 1800 numbers are very flexible as they have ‘evolved’ in ways to meet a business owner’s needs. An 1800 number can be directed to your mobile or fixed landline. It also allows you to route your calls – an office landline during business hours or to a mobile or live answering service after office hours. 1800 numbers also helps get your message, concept and business across straightaway with via Phonewords. This cost-effective marketing strategy makes it easier for people to remember your number (1-800-CORGIS). Studies have shown that ads with phone words generate more calls. More calls = more business.

What to Do Now

Now that you know what 1800 numbers can do for your business (happy callers = happy life), it’s now up to YOU to make that call to get the telco provider that can best suit and support your business needs. 1800 Numbers Australia can help you with, with rates as low as $19/month. So make your phone number get you your numbers – so give us a call at 1800 900 991 today!