Free Call Numbers in 2016: Are 1800 Numbers Still Relevant?


With the rise of mobile and web technology, getting free call numbers may not be the first thing that comes to mind when starting a business. For the longest time, critics have been saying it is on its way to becoming obsolete. But years after those predictions, it’s still here and it looks like it’s here to stay. If you’re having second thoughts about 1800 numbers, take a look at the reasons why getting it is still a good investment for your business.

Go the extra mile and exceed expectations

At this point, people are used to getting bad customer service. Send an enquiry over email, and it takes at least 3 exchanges before a simple issue is resolved, with hours in between replies. Questions posted over social media or chat can easily be missed. This gives your client enough time to move on to your competitor. Not every business has dedicated staff to monitor social media round the clock. Besides, that would suck up your team’s productivity for the day. Take this chance to shine by exceeding expectations. Dependability and reliability should bleed into every aspect of your operations. The internet may be the customer’s go-to for quick information, studies show that they hold off on buying until they have called the business and talked to a real person on the phone. An 1800 number lets you capture all calls and deliver responsive service, without letting it take over your entire work day. People in the trades and contracting services often deal with clients when they are at their most vulnerable. Emergencies always seem to happen at the worst possible time, and looking for help at odd hours can make anxiety levels shoot up. Free call numbers give you the ability to help customers when they need it the most—even outside normal office hours. Route calls to your home phone or mobile so that if anyone needs to get a hold of you, you’re not losing an opportunity to impress.

Gather customer data with free call numbers

In this day and age, information has become a much needed resource for businesses. Big brands spend thousands of dollars to recruit analysts to gather information about the market to make well-informed decisions. It only makes sense to know who your customers are, in order to provide the solutions they’re looking for. So how can small businesses do this on a tight budget? SMEs can have access to the same data at no added cost. Your 1800 number comes with free monthly reports that includes call data that can help you make better business decisions. Find out where your market is, what times they call you, how often, and for how long these calls last. These information will be handy for staffing, scheduling, training, or even expanding activities.

Elevate the customer experience

Most people go to one barber, buy meats from a local butcher, and pick up their dry cleaning from the same place. So what keeps them coming back to the same business? The truth is, customers don’t just buy products or services—they come for the whole experience. People love it when businesses go out of their way to give excellent service. It could be as simple as getting a free shave from your barber once in a while, having the nicest cuts set aside by the butcher for you, or putting a rush on your dry cleaning just in time for an important interview. Offering free calls when they need information or after-sales support is a simple courtesy that your clients will appreciate. Are 1800 numbers free to call? Definitely! The account holder (in this case your business) shoulders the full cost while your customers get to call from any landline free. Recently, the cost to call 1800 numbers in mobile devices has also become free for a majority of mobile providers.

Are 1800 numbers still relevant?

Despite the rise of web and mobile use, human nature still prevails. People will always want to talk to another person and hear a warm voice at the other end of the line. As long as businesses want to provide good value to their customers, 1800 numbers will remain relevant. If you’d like to know more about getting an 1800 number or want to transfer your existing free call number to a new provider, give us a call at 1800 900 991 or visit our official site at www.1800numbersaustralia.com.au.