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inbound numbers

Inbound numbers

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inbound numbers

Inbound numbers are virtual telephone numbers used to receive incoming phone calls. You cannot dial-out with them; to make outgoing calls, you’d need to use one of your non-inbound numbers (though you could use one of your answerpoints).

Apart from the prefixes, 1800 numbers are different from 1300 and 13 numbers in terms of costs. Calls made to 1300 and 13 numbers from Australian landlines incur the cost of a local call. For more details, read this.

Yes, there are two types of 1800 numbers.

Normal issue numbers are standard 1800 numbers for normal business use. 1800 Numbers Australia has a pool of such numbers readily available for use.

Smartnumbers are special 1800 numbers that are easier to remember because they have repeated digits or spell out a phoneword. Smartnumbers are available for purchase directly from the Australian Communications and Media Association (ACMA) website.

An 1800 number has a total of ten digits including the prefix. They can be presented or advertised as you wish for easier recall, e.g 1800 501 050 and 1800 50 10 50.

If you have an 1800 smartnumber that spells a phoneword, you can display that number as a word. You can also have a phoneword longer than ten digits, because the inbound number system ignores digits after the tenth, e.g. 1800 WE ANSWER (1800 93 2679).

You can get a normal issue 1800 number with us online or by phone, if you see a number you like on our list of available numbers.

If you want an 1800 smartnumber, you can get on through the ACMA website. Click here for more information on smartnumbers.

In buying an 1800 number, you secure the exclusive rights of use (ROU) for that number, though actual ownership remains with ACMA.

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1800 smartnumbers


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1800 smartnumbers

A smartnumber is an inbound number that’s easy to remember because it bears a distinctive pattern. This pattern can be a repetition of certain digits (e.g. 1800 50 10 50) or spelling out a phoneword (e.g. 1800 PIZZAS).

The use of smartnumbers is controlled by the Australian Communications and Media Authority (ACMA). Licensing the use of a smartnumber must be done through the ACMA website.

The Australian Communications and Media Authority (ACMA), is the statutory body charged with ensuring media and communications—including telephony and internet services—work for all Australians. ACMA does this through legislation, regulations, standards and codes of practice.

To purchase a particular smartnumber, you should visit the ACMA website look up the number there. If it’s available, you can buy it through the site. In buying an 1800 number, you secure the exclusive rights of use (ROU) for that number, though actual ownership remains with ACMA.

To retain your 1800 smartnumber, you must activate it within three years from date of purchase. If you do not activate your number, it will be returned to ACMA’s pool of numbers.

Yes. Once you have acquired your smartnumber, you may contact us to have your number activated and connected. We suggest you wait until you receive confirmation documents before proceeding to advertise the number for your business.

To have your smartnumber activated and connected with us, we’ll need details on your ACMA confirmation. From there, you’ll need to choose a monthly call plan and routing options. Afterwards, we can set up your 1800 number on or platform. This process can take up to five working days.

Smartnumbers work in the same way as a typical 1800 number. They are virtual inbound numbers used to direct incoming phone calls to specific answerpoints. You can answer your 1800 smartnumber on any fixed landline or mobile, as well as international answerpoints. System set up is identical to that of a "normal issue" 1800 number.

Yes. If the phoneword that spells your business name is available, you can purchase it as an 1800 smartnumber from the ACMA website.

If your preferred number is held by a third party, you may be able to trade, buy or lease the Rights of Use (ROU) for the number. This can be either exclusive or shared use, depending on the agreement you make with the third party.

Having exclusive Rights of Use (ROU) essentially means you have the sole control over use of the number. If you opt for "shared rights of use", other businesses may use the number, with usage delineated by region of use.

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setup and use

Setup and use

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setup and use

Setting up an 1800 number depends on how you get the number.

The quickest way for us to set up an 1800 number for your business would be for you to choose from our list of available 1800 numbers. This can be done in as little as 24 hours.

If you choose to purchase a smartnumber from ACMA, the process can take up to five business days.

If you already have an existing 1800 number that hasn’t been activated, we can set it up within 24 hours. However, if you’re porting it from an existing telco, the port-away process may take up to seven days.

Our 1800 number setup process requires you to have a registered Australian Business Number (ABN) or Australian Company number (ACN).

As a telco specialising in supporting Australian businesses, we take great care to have our clients comply with requirements and best practices to ensure they get the most out of their inbound numbers.

1800 Numbers Australia does not impose any lock-in periods. Services run on a monthly subscription. You may cancel at any time, though 30 days’ notice is required. As soon as you request cancellation, your final bill will be adjusted accordingly.

We can set up an 1800 number for calls that originate in Australia and terminate in one of many international countries. We recommend that you advertise a landline local to your home country for overseas callers.

You also have the option of having calls answered by one of our Australian-based Live Answering service operators. Be aware that your mobile phone carrier may also impose roaming charges for 1800 Number calls answered outside Australia.

Yes, you can. In certain situations, using and advertising multiple 1800 numbers is advisable. For example, it can help you track activity across different media or campaigns.

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charges and billing

Charges and billing

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charges and billing

1800 numbers are available at different prices. Our own pool of available normal issue numbers includes free options, as well as Gold and Platinum options ($59 and $99 respectively). Smartnumbers are available from ACMA at prices starting at $250.

Customers can call the 1800 number free of charge from fixed line phones from anywhere in Australia. Customers using mobile phones pay a rate that is determined by their mobile service provider.

The business using the 1800 number in question will pay the full cost of the call based on the call rates specified in a given call plan.

Call rates for 1800 numbers are based on caller location and where you answer your calls (i.e. your answerpoint).

When people call your 1800 number, you will be charged according to the rate of your selected call plan

All customer accounts are paid by automated monthly direct debit. If you’d prefer to pay before your scheduled direct debit date, you can do so via credit card either online or over the phone. Payments can be made as soon as your account statement is available online.

Our billing cycle is as follows:

  • On the 5th of each month, you’ll be able to view your account statement online. If you want to do so, you can pay early via credit card online or over the phone once your statement is available.
  • On the 12th of each month, your account is automatically debited (unless you paid in the week before this).
  • On the 25th of each month, accounts with payments not yet settled are suspended.

These dates cannot be changed.

We recommend you read the full Critical Information Summary for details on call charges, monthly plan charges and billing information. Our 1800 number specialists can also walk you through some of the charges and help you select the right plan for your business.

Billing and account information is also available online when you log into your customer portal.

Any changes to your fixed monthly plan and call rates will be communicated to you via email. It is also worth noting that you will not be contracted to a fixed term, giving you the flexibility of changing your monthly call plans at your convenience. Cancellation of your 1800 number service will require 30 days’ written notice and charges will be adjusted to work within our billing cycle timeframes.

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