Call Routing Tips and Tricks: How to Configure Your 1800 Number


Superior customer service is all about being ready to assist customers before they even realise their need. However, increased availability doesn’t mean entrepreneurs need to give up the idea of a balanced lifestyle. Thanks to 1800 number call routing solutions, balancing your personal needs with those of your customers is not only easy, but extremely affordable. You can configure your 1800 number routing service, even if you’re not tech-savvy. To help you decide how you want your calls to flow, we’ve come up with some scenarios that may apply to your business and the best routing options for each situation.

Call routing options for your days off

Taking work calls during family dinners is poor form; so is spending your first vacation in years glued to your mobile. Rest is an integral part of being a successful entrepreneur. When you’re burnt out, your creativity drops, you fail to see the big picture, and you make bad decisions because your mind and body is out of sync. Time and day based routing helps you achieve work-life balance by choosing which of your phones ring based on your schedule. Take calls on your landline during work hours and divert after-hours calls to an answering service. Relax and unplug on your days off without leaving your phones ringing off the hook.

Work in your office and on the road

Running a business isn’t only done inside an office. You will have errands to run, clients to meet, and sites to visit. An 1800 call routing service gives you the flexibility to work where you want, without the fear of missing urgent business calls. Call forward on busy, no answer, or congestion is a call routing option that lets you assign alternate numbers in case the initial answerpoint is unavailable. If your office landline goes unanswered for a specific number of seconds, the call will be routed to your mobile. You can choose to forward calls to up to three answerpoints.

Delegate and accomplish more

Entrepreneurs can’t and shouldn’t do everything on their own. Delegating not only gives you more time for profit-driving tasks, it also instills confidence in your staff. Letting other team members take on business calls is a great way to do this. Call splaying is an efficient way of sharing calls among sales teams that need to meet quotas. This option lets you distribute calls based on a pre-set ratio. For example, four agents each gets 25% of calls to share all sales leads. If one person needs to take on more paperwork, you can tweak the ratio so that that person only gets 10%, while the other three gets 30% each. You can split calls any way you want as long as it adds up to 100%.

Focus your efforts on your target market

1800 call routing doesn’t just let you redirect calls, it also lets you limit your calls. Call barring is a great fit for businesses that only cater to a specific city or state. This option also gives you the option of making your number inaccessible outside your local market. Another benefit of call barring is the added savings on your phone bill by blocking known nuisance callers and making your number unreachable through mobile calls. Configure your 1800 number routing based on the lifestyle you want, without sacrificing the convenience of your clients. 1800 Numbers Australia can help you craft an 1800 number routing option that will make your business more efficient, productive, and profitable. Give us a call at 1800 900 991 to get started today.