Get your callers’ problems sorted with a voice prompt menu.

Female IVR sample

Male IVR sample

Give your callers control with a call forwarding menu.

Getting a call forwarding menu for your 1800 number allows your callers to easily reach the most relevant representatives or departments from your business. Better yet, these menus—also called Interactive Voice Response (IVR) menus or voice prompt menus—are automated, keeping more of your staff’s time free.

How does an IVR menu sort incoming calls?


Caller dials your 1800 number.

caller dials 1800 number

Caller hears a professionally recorded introduction.

caller hears business intro

The recording lists the caller’s options

Press 1 for sales Press 2 for  support Press 3 for billing Press 4 to speak to customer service
caller option list

Call is forwarded accordingly

Department, team or person Professional operator or live answering service Voice to email Any  answerpoint  including mobile 
call is forwarded

How can a voice prompt menu enhance my 1800 number?

If your business has multiple numbers, an IVR system is an efficient way to direct calls to the correct person or department. They integrate with other 1800 number features and services, as well, which can greatly enhance the functionality of your inbound number.

Leave a good impression with a professionally recorded menu

Let callers quickly reach the people most relevant to their concerns

Improve your inbound call flow management

Work with any business size

How can I get a professionally recorded menu?

We have direct access to a roster of professional voice artists who can record your script. You can also enhance your recording with your choice of background music.

Listen to voice talent samples.

Female IVR sample

Male IVR sample

Female IVR sample

Male IVR sample

Plans and pricing

$15 per month

IVR Menu options included

1 – 5 options



Critical Information Summary

Additional Charges

Additional sub-menus 1-3 optionsMonthly cost $15
Additional sub-menus 1-3 optionsSetup cost $30
Professionally recorded voicemail greetingProfessional Voice Talents Starts from $85
Change IVR audio recording QuoteCosts based on script length and complexity