How to pick the best vanity number that’s not already taken

Vanity numbers, despite what the name suggests, aren’t just for show. A survey of over 1,500 people found that vanity phonewords (i.e. phone numbers that spell out words) had recall rates 84% higher than those of numeric phone numbers. That can make a world of difference when your number’s going on an ad that people… Read More


How call routing solutions improve customer satisfaction

Many customer service strategies focus on exceeding customers’ expectations in the hopes of winning their loyalty. New research, however, shows this is misguided. According to a study in the Harvard Business Review based on data from over 75,000 people, the best way to earn customer loyalty is simply to make things easy for them. One… Read More


1800 Number Porting: How to Move Your Number to a New Provider

We’ve all been there—you sign up with a telco and find out over time that their service is less than what satisfactory. While this can be a source of frustration, the great thing about owning the rights of use to your business number is that you have the option to switch providers through 1800 number… Read More


3 Things 1800 Service Providers Never Tell You–But Should!

1800 service providers often get a bad rep from a few bad eggs. Just like any other industry, there are people looking to make a quick dollar at the expense of their customers. If you’re in the market for a new 1800 number or if you’re looking to switch providers, how can you pick the… Read More


5 Crucial Steps to a Successful 1800 Number Search

Congratulations on deciding to get an 1800 number for your business! Getting a widely-recognised professional number is a big step towards.