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If you need an 1800 number set up on the double, the quickest way to get started is to choose one from our list of available numbers. We have a several numbers to choose from and can set you up with any of them in as little as 24 hours.

The number you need, ready when you need it.

Our available numbers are sorted into three price categories based on how easy they are to remember. You can get an 1800 number for free or browse our Gold and Platinum lists for numbers with more distinctive patterns.


Found a number you like?

Don’t hold off. Our list of available 1800 numbers is updated regularly. Avoid missing out on the number of your choice by ordering it immediately.

How do I find a specific 1800 smartnumber?

If you’re after a specific 1800 number—one that spells a phoneword, for example, or has a specific sequence of digits—you can check its availability using our smartnumbers lookup tool. If the smartnumber is available, you can acquire it through the ACMA website. Once you’ve received confirmation of your purchase, please contact us to have your new 1800 number activated.

Why get an 1800 number with us?

For over a decade, we’ve supported Australian businesses in acquiring and managing 1800 numbers. Over the course of our work, we’ve refined our approach to be simple, straightforward and effective.

This is what you get when you choose 1800 Numbers Australia:

A large list of available 1800 numbers to select from

Quick and simple setup

Great routing options

Competitive monthly call plans

No lock-in contracts

Support from a full-service business telco

Access to an online customer portal