Are 1800 Numbers Free? The Truth Revealed!


One of the most common questions we’ve been asked is, ‘Are 1800 numbers free?’ There are two ways to answer this. One is from the point of view of your customers. The other, from the perspective of your business. There are several things that come free with 1800 numbers. Let’s take a look at them one by one.

Free Calls to 1800 Numbers

Calls from any Australian landline to an 1800 number are free, while mobile calls are charged. This was a concern for most people that used their mobiles more than fixed lines. Consumer groups together with the ACMA have worked together to push for reform regarding mobile charges for 1800 number calls. A majority of mobile providers have already made the move to make mobile calls to 1800 numbers free. Some offer free calls to 1800 numbers in their call allowance plans. Both the ACCAN and ACMA are working towards getting more providers to make the change. This will not only benefit callers with waived charges, but your business with more sales leads as well.

Free 1800 Numbers

Getting an 1800 number involves the cost of acquiring a number, a low setup fee, and monthly service & call charges. At 1800 Numbers Australia, the cost of a number depends on its memorability. If your priority is simply having a professional number that’s a single point of contact for your business, a free 1800 number is best for you. If high recall ability is a priority for your business, you may choose to purchase premium numbers (Gold, Platinum, or Phone/Fax Pairs) for a low charge. You can even opt for phone words called Smartnumbers for as low as $250.

Free 1800 Call Routing

When you get an 1800 number for your business, you’re getting more than just a phone number. You’re equipping your business with a tool that lets you handle and share calls more efficiently. Direct calls based on location with routing options such as Australia-wide and State-based routing. Choose which answerpoint to ring based on your schedule through basic time based routing, all included at no added charge with your service.

Free Reporting Tools

Ever wondered how to gather information about your customers without spending a fortune? Your 1800 number makes it easy to learn more about your callers through available call detail reports at your self-managed web portal. Find out how many new and returning callers your business is getting, where they are calling from, and what days & time of the week they typically call through free reports collected for you. There are a lot of free things that come with your free call number. To learn more about this, give us a call at 1800 900 991 or click Chat Now below.