4 Ways to Level up Your Customer Service through 1800 Numbers


In the time of SMS and emails, picking up the phone and calling someone is a big thing. The same goes for customers that take the time to phone before a sale. Unfortunately, more than a few of us has had several customer service nightmares over the phone. To keep your customers from suffering the same fate, here are four ways you can level up your customer service through 1800 numbers.

Get acquainted

Provide as much information about your business as possible so your customers get an idea of who you are and what you do. This helps manage expectations and set the stage for a good conversation. Smartnumbers or phone words that spell out services is a great way to inform your customers about what you do, while making contacting you easy and memorable.

Provide convenience

No one likes waiting on hold for more than a couple of minutes and getting transferred back and forth when calling a business. Doing so is a sure and quick way for your clients to jump ship and go to your competitor. Take advantage of geographic 1800 number routing options that automatically transfers the call to the nearest or preferred site (via postcode). Better yet, add an IVR menu function to your free call number in so that callers can choose where they want to be connected—definitely a win-win for both of you!

Stay connected

Keep yourself available and make it easy for new and existing clients to get in touch with you. It’s a good thing that 1800 numbers have the option to route calls to different answer points, depending on your current need. Take calls on your landline while you’re in the office and route calls to your mobile while you’re on the road. Make sure that your clients have a way to reach you, whenever or wherever you are so you can provide them the best service possible.

Make your clients feel special

Nothing is more frustrating than getting the machine every single time, especially when you’re calling about an urgent issue that needs to be resolved. In fact, 75% of callers hang up after getting voicemail. Don’t give your customers incentive to go to your competitor by boosting your 1800 number and using a live answering service to capture calls outside office hours or during holidays. Choose an answering service that sends messages to you immediately via SMS and email. This way, you can return all calls in a timely manner. The best way for startups to compete with big brands is through exceptional customer service through 1800 numbers. You don’t need a big budget and expensive communication tools to achieve this. If you’d like to know more about what your 1800 Number can do, give us a call at 1800 900 991 or click Chat Now below.