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1800 837 8


1800 Test

1800 837 8


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1800 smartnumbers.

A smartnumber is an inbound number that’s easy to remember because it bears a distinctive pattern.

For some numbers, this pattern comes from a highly memorable repetition of digits, like 1800 332 244.

For other smartnumbers, called phonewords, the pattern is a word they form when entered into a keypad, like 1800 NUMBER (1800 686 237).

How to get a smartnumber for your business. 

Getting an 1800 smartnumber for your business is easy.
If you’re looking for a specific smartnumber or phoneword, simply follow these steps:


Use the lookup tool to check the number’s availability status on the ACMA database.

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Purchase your smartnumber directly from the ACMA.

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Select your preferred monthly call plan.

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Contact us to set up your new smartnumber and routing options.

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Activate your new smartnumber.

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Don’t have a specific number in mind?

If you’re not looking for a specific number, you can choose one from our pool of readily available 1800 numbers. This is the quickest way to get an inbound number set up—you could have yours up and running in 24 hours!