1800 Phone Words: Are Smartnumbers Worth the Cost?


Every business needs a phone number to stay in contact with customers. But between balancing costs, managing your staff and keeping clients happy; getting good business numbers like 1800 phone words is often left as an afterthought by startups. The phone number you choose can either help the phones ring or send paying clients to your competition. Don’t settle for a home landline or mobile number and limit your growth. Choose 1800 numbers which are the most recognised business numbers not only in Australia, but around the globe. Want to know more? Here are five other reasons why it’s a great idea to get 1800 smart numbers for your business.

1800 phone words give businesses credibility

Today, there are more ways than ever for customers to reach you—there’s email, your website, and social media. Though dubbed by some as a pre-digital technology, the truth is, calls remain to be fastest and most effective way to address customer needs. Make sure that you cover all your bases and offer multiple touch points by having a toll free number at hand. Look at the big names in your industry. Do they use a personal number for their business? Of course not, so why should you? Your number says more about your brand than you think. It simply makes sense to get 1800 vanity numbers to keep up with your competition. Professional inbound numbers lends you credibility, even at the startup phase.

Offer value to your clients through a free call number

Free is always good, most especially if it’s for your customers. Calls to 1800 numbers are free of charge when made from any fixed line in Australia, so callers don’t have to worry about long distance fees. Using an 1800 number helps you get more enquiries and shows people that you’re able to cater to a larger market. Think about it—your callers have either spent money on your products/service or want information before buying from you. Offering free calls is a simple way to thank customers for their business. It also says that their call is important to you.

Equip your staff with an affordable & effective tool

High fixed fees used to create barriers for small companies. Thankfully, the rise of technology has made many of the tools that were once exclusive for big businesses more affordable and accessible. Today, startups and SMEs can get good 1800 smart numbers for their business. Any business can get 1800 phone words. Simply register at the ACMA website and buy the Rights of Use to your preferred number. For as low as $250, you can get a catchy number that will be yours for the entire life of your business. These numbers are also portable, so you can switch providers as you wish. Be creative with your smart number search and you’ll surely find a number that sticks.

Boost your marketing efforts with a custom 1800 number

Your clients are your best promoters, make it a point to provide a seamless experience every time they get in touch with you. Call routing options increases you availability and helps you be more responsive to queries over the phone. Offer great customer service and you’re sure to reap the rewards of having passionate advocates for your business. Gain more referrals through a custom 1800 number that’s easy to recall and says something about what your business offers. Phone words are made up of numbers that spell out your service or business name when dialed on a keypad. You can even match it with your domain name for better recall. These numbers come with access to a free web portal that lets you track your usage, but most importantly, gather call details. Unlike what most people think, no business is too small for call analytics. In fact, data makes it easier to measure your progress against your goals. These free reports give you an insight on who your clients are and how you can better serve them. Make informed decisions and create a plan of action with the help of your monthly call reports.

So are 1800 phone words worth the cost?

Definitely! Australia is a booming startup and innovation hub. With the help of 1800 phone words, entrepreneurs in any town, community, city or home can build their own business and compete at a national level. At 1800 Numbers Australia, we endeavor to help startups and small businesses reach their potential and succeed in their industries. To get started, give us a call at 1800 900 991 or visit the official 1800 Numbers Australia website at www.1800numbersaustralia.com.au.