Functional, flexible, fully loaded 1800 numbers.

Get a high-performance 1800 number with advanced features.

An 1800 number can do much more than offer your customers free calls. With the right routing options and customisations, it can vastly improve the phone call experience on both ends of the line—your customers can reach the right people, while your business gets more flexibility and efficiency in managing phone calls.

With the 1800 Pro plan, you get all this in an easy-to-manage, competitively priced package.

Maximum control over your inbound calls.

With a combination of automated responses, call forwarding and call routing options, the 1800 Pro plan allows you to take calls any way you want to. These 1800 number advanced features can be configured through a self-managed online portal for greater efficiency and immediate effectiveness.

Continuous improvement through analytics.

Call tracking and analytics allows you to monitor and analyse your calls and determine strategies that improve performance further down the line. The 1800 Pro plan provides access to inbound call tracking and call reporting through a self-managed portal. You can also record calls for staff training and quality assurance purposes.

Full features at a fraction of the cost.

Each month of the 1800 Pro plan saves you around $60 worth of added features and compatible services.

What can I do with a Pro 1800 number plan?

If your business has multiple numbers, an IVR system is an efficient way to direct calls to the correct person or department. They integrate with other 1800 number features and services, as well, which can greatly enhance the functionality of your inbound number.

Fully manage your 1800 number online

Gain access to detailed inbound call reports and analytics

Determine the true source of your calls with call tracking

Record your inbound calls for training and quality

Add professional recordings to introduce your business

Give your customers control with a call forwarding IVR menu

Receive email notifications with missed call alerts

Know when you're receiving a business call with call whisper

Receive email notifications when a voicemail has been left

Use advanced routing options such as pin code and area-based routing