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Breaking down 1800 number costs.

At 1800 Numbers Australia, we keep pricing simple and transparent: costs can be divided into once-off fees and monthly charges. The once-off fees include setup, the number itself (where applicable), and add-on features with complex setup.

The monthly costs, meanwhile, fall into three main categories

The monthly rate, based on your plan
Calls received (the cost per call is based on your plan)
Monthly costs for additional features and services
(if you’ve added any to your plan)

Free 1800 numbers are available.

If you’re not looking for a specific 1800 number, you can browse our pool of available 1800 numbers and choose one you like. Using one of our available numbers cuts the setup time—we could even have your number ready in one day.

Our available 1800 numbers include free numbers. Alternatively, for a one-time fee, you can choose from our Gold and Platinum numbers, which have repeated digits that make them more memorable.

How are calls to 1800 numbers charged?

Call charges for 1800 numbers are somewhat more predictable than those for other inbound numbers.

On the caller’s side, connecting to an 1800 number is generally free, though a few mobile providers still charge for outgoing calls made to such numbers.

On the business’s side, calls received using an 1800 number follow fixed rates based on their call plan. Taking a call using a mobile phone costs more than answering one with a landline.

Choosing an 1800 number call plan.

An 1800 number doesn’t cost much in itself, and many providers take advantage of this to offer cheap toll-free business numbers.

A good provider, however, helps you get the most out of your 1800 number: competitive call rates, call reporting, multiple routing options, and integration with other features—these are what make for a good 1800 plan.

1800 Numbers Australia has plans that are easy to understand and set up. They have no lock-in periods or minimum monthly spend.

Check out the built-in features and low call rates in our plans.

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