More than just a number.

The benefits of an 1800 number

An 1800 number projects a powerful message for a business. It conveys professionalism and actively invites connection through free calls. With a smartnumber, it can even serve as a tool for branding.

On top of this, an 1800 number provides a range of benefits that can improve call management, customer service, and overall efficiency.

How does an 1800 number help me manage calls?


Direct your business calls to various answerpoints based on your availability, time and day, or location.

1800 compatibility icon1800 compatibility iconCompatibility

Expand your options with compatible services like cloud-based phone systems, IVR or phone answering services.

1800 adaptability icon1800 adaptability iconAdaptability

Manage and update your incoming call flows and make changes to your service via online portal.

How does an 1800 number improve customer service?


You can keep an 1800 number for as long as you need it, anywhere your business goes. No more losing customers because you had to change your number.

1800 consistency icon 1800 consistency icon
1800 Brand


Make a great—and lasting—impression with a consistent, centralised point of contact. Phonewords are especially good at this, since they make for memorable marketing tools.

1800 Brand Mobile


Reduce call waiting time and connect customers to the most appropriate representatives or departments in your business.

1800 Responsiveness Hand 1800 Responsiveness Hand Mobile

How does an 1800 number help my business grow?

1800 insights icon1800 insights iconInsights

Access inbound call reports for data on incoming call traffic, peak times and caller location statistics.

1800 reach icon1800 reach iconReach

Connect with customers outside your local area by giving them an easy way to contact you.

1800 Scalability1800 Scalability MobileScalability

Add or scale back features as your business's needs and resources change over time.

Thank you for your work guys. We’ve been using your service for almost a year now and never had one problem. You offer very competitive and smart products for the communications market. We really do not have much contact with your customer service team, but I consider it as a positive thing that shows everything is working properly.

Maxim Shubin | Glasses Point

I just wanted to say thanks for your fantastic service. I never realised how easy and affordable it would be to set up my very own 1800 number.

David Guest | Action International Business Coach

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