An inbound number tailored to your needs.

Maximise your 1800 number with add-on features.

One of the strengths of an 1800 number is how it integrates with several other business communication services. On its own, an 1800 number provides a simple, unified channel customers can use to reach you—but when enhanced with other features, it can do much more for your business’s efficiency and customer service.

You can expand your 1800 number’s capabilities with the following add-ons, according to your business’s specific challenges.

Interactive voice response (IVR) menu

With an IVR or voice prompt menu, callers can connect to your most relevant department by using keypad inputs as instructed by a recorded voice prompt.

Call routing

Redirect incoming calls based on time and day, location or postcode. All our 1800 number plans come with free routing options, but more specific sorting may incur additional setup fees.

Live answering service

Forward your calls to professional Australian-based phone operators, who answer calls in your business name—even after business hours or on weekends and holidays.

Business introduction

Get right down to business by greeting your callers with a pre-recorded message that introduces your company, its services and other essential information.


Have faxed documents sent directly to your email inbox. Fax-to-email services bypass bulky fax machines by sending your incoming documents via cloud.


Don’t let missed calls become missed opportunities. Have your voicemail converted into sound files and delivered to your email inbox in real time.


Speak to an inbound calls specialist

Looking for further advice on a good setup for your business? Our business advisory service can help you choose the best features to suit your needs. Call us at 1800 900 991 for more information.