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Trent is Alltel's General Manager. He has experience in all areas of the business, which has given him a deep understanding of both Alltel's products and services and also the ways in which those services can address the needs of Australian businesses.

1800 Number Porting: How to Move Your Number to a New Provider

We’ve all been there—you sign up with a telco and find out over time that their service is less than what satisfactory. […]

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3 Things 1800 Service Providers Never Tell You–But Should!

1800 service providers often get a bad rep from a few bad eggs. Just like any other industry, there are people looking to make a quick dollar at the expense […]

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5 Crucial Steps to a Successful 1800 Number Search

Congratulations on deciding to get an 1800 number for your business! Getting a widely-recognised professional number is a big step towards. […]

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The Cheapest 1800 Number Service: Is It a Trap?

Horror stories are all too common when dealing with telcos. It all starts out the same—you google the cheapest 1800 number service and it comes with all the bells and […]

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Toll Free Business Number Features That Keep Your Business Competitive

Toll free business numbers are a long way from becoming obsolete. Like newspapers, radio, and fax; 1800 numbers remain to be a popular choice among businesses big and small. […]

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1800 Free Call Numbers vs Local Numbers: Which is better for Your Business?

Phone calls remain to be a tried and tested means of providing swift and responsive customer service. And when it comes to handling calls, it’s often a toss-up between using a local landline number or an 1800 free call number. […]

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