Are there other advantages of having an 1800 Number?

How can 1800 Numbers benefit my business?

  1. Keep the same number for the life of your business.
  2. 1800 Numbers are easy to reconfigure, so if you relocate, your customers will be able to reach you on the number they have always used. Never lose business or miss an opportunity because customers cannot find your new number.
  3. Expand the geographical coverage of your business with minimal extra costs.
  4. Enhance your brand image and give your customers the impression that you are not just a local business.
  5. Encourage customers to call with nationally recognised ‘toll-free’ numbers that can be dialled from any Australian landline for no charge to the calling party.
  6. Highly flexible call answering options that you can change based on the needs of your business – answer calls using a fixed phone or a mobile in Australia or overseas.
  7. Increase enquiries – studies show that customers are far more likely to call an 1800 number than a mobile or local number.
  8. Convenient access to our online Account Management Portal, containing detailed call and service usage data.
  9. Save money with our range of low monthly plans and no fixed-term contracts. Having an 1800 number is a convenient option and more cost effective than you think.
  10. 1800 numbers are compatible with a range of services including phone answering services, message and call forwarding services, and cloud-based telephony solutions (Hosted PBX).