How much do 1800 numbers cost?

The cost of 1800 number calls for customers calling from a fixed landline are absolutely free. The cost of 1800 numbers is completely shouldered by the account holder (business). The three costs in getting 1800 numbers includes a one-time 1800 number charge to acquire the number, a once-off setup cost, and the call costs based on your selected 1800 number plan.

How much do 1800 numbers cost to call?

The cost of calls to 1800 numbers depend on: the type of phone the call originated from, the telco that provides the caller’s phone service, and the caller’s selected phone plan. Generally, calls from Australian landlines to 1800 numbers are free of charge. Calls from mobiles are typically charged based on the rate determined by the caller’s carrier.

Are 1800 numbers free?

1800 number calls originating from any landline in Australia are free for the caller. There are also mobile providers that have made calls to 1800 numbers free of charge. The account holder (in this case, your business) solely shoulders the cost of calls made to 1800 numbers by paying a minimal charge for the service depending on the plan selected.

Cost to buy a 1800 Number

The cost of 1800 numbers is based on the memorability of the number. Normal issue numbers (random pooled numbers) can come free or cost up to $99, while Smartnumbers (phonewords) cost $250 upwards.

  1. Type One – Normal Issue Numbers are available through selected telecommunication providers such as 1800 Numbers Australia.

Our Normal Issue Numbers have four cost levels based on the memorability of a number:

  • Free numbers – great if memorability is not critical
  • Gold – $59 per number
  • Platinum – $99 per number
  1. Type Two – Smartnumbers are numbers that spell a word, they are also known as Phone Words.

The Australian Government via ACMA (Australian Communications and Media Authority), controls use of these numbers which you can purchase from them with prices starting from $250. Smartnumbers come with additional rights which you can read about on the Telecommunications Industry page.

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Setup Cost

A once-off setup charge of $30 applies to the acquisition of an 1800 number. If you select an additional service such as Live Answering or a complex Call Routing option (e.g., by region, area, exchange or postcode), additional setup charges will apply.

Call Plans Costs

1800 MICRO

  • Local to Landline 4.5c/min
  • National to Landline 10.7c/min
  • Mobile to Landline 16.7c/min
  • Calls to your Mobile 29.9c/min


  • Local to Landline 4.3c/min
  • National to Landline 9.7c/min
  • Mobile to Landline 10.7c/min
  • Calls to your Mobile 23.9c/min

1800 GROW

  • Local to Landline 4.2c/min
  • National to Landline 5.7c/min
  • Mobile to Landline 6.7c/min
  • Calls to your Mobile 16.9c/min

After you choose your number, you’ll need to select a Call Plan that reflects your call volume, location of callers and your preferred answer points.

Call Plans start from just $14 per month.

View the 1800 Numbers Australia Critical Information Summary.

Are there Ongoing Costs?

The only ongoing costs are call charges (billed on a monthly basis) and charges involved in the delivery and use of optional add-on services such as Live Answering or Call Forwarding (IVR) Menus. These services can enhance the flexibility and effectiveness of your inbound number; find out more about our Add-on Services now.

Need Advice?

Need help understanding the costs to setup and manage an 1800 number? Our Business Consultants are here to help you, call 1800 900 991, or send us an email.

When people call your 1800 number, you will be charged according to the rate of the plan you select.