Are 1800 Numbers Right for My Business?

On average, an inbound number receives:

  • Local Calls = 19%
  • National Calls = 27%
  • Mobile Calls = 53%

Calls from mobile callers:

Calls from local callers:

Calls from national callers:

inbound number callers

Now that we have established the advantages of getting an 1800 number, the next step is determining whether it is a better option compared to a 1300 number. It helps to take a look at the kind of callers you are getting.

A quick look at the figures shows that more than half of calls received originate from mobiles, followed by national, and local calls. Although 1300 numbers have the call costs split between the caller and account holder, they are only cheaper for the owner on local calls. Call plans for 1300 and 1800 numbers aren’t that much different pricewise either, every other call charge is the same.

In terms of encouraging customers to call you, 1800 numbers definitely has an edge over 1300 numbers. A recent price increase puts 1300 number call rates between 40c-45c; something that could mean the difference between calling you or a competitor who offers free calls. Remember that calls from mobiles to 1300 numbers are also charged at the rate determined by the caller’s carrier—another deterrent for your potential customers.

On the other hand, calls to an 1800 number are completely free for your customers. Recent regulation changes have also prompted mobile phone carriers to make calls made from mobiles to 1800 numbers FREE of charge. Considering the cost to you and your customers, 1800 numbers is a more sensible choice, most especially for national businesses looking to increase their sales.

What are 1800 numbers?

  • 1800 numbers in Australia are traditionally known as “Free Call” numbers.
  • An 1800 number is recognised as a number widely used by Australian businesses.
  • 1800 number call costs are paid for by the business.
    • Calls made from any fixed landline anywhere in Australia are free.
    • Recent changes to legislation mean that calls from mobile phones should now also be free.
  • There are two types of 1800 numbers:
    • Normal Issue
      • pooled random numbers
      • has six trailing digits (i.e., 1800 ## ## ##)
    • Smartnumbers
      • numbers that spell words, OR
      • numbers that come in an easy to remember pattern
      • can have up to ten trailing digits or more, depending on the carrier.
  • All 1800 numbers remain the property of the Australian government. Instead of ‘ownership’, you gain Rights of Use to your 1800 number. The type of rights accessed vary based on the whether you acquire a normal issue 1800 number or a Smartnumber directly or through a phoneword company.
  • The cost of operating a 1800 number depends on:
    • The type of phone people are calling from (eg. mobile or landline);
    • Your 1800 number provider;
    • And the 1800 number monthly call plan you have chosen.

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